Cullom Board of Trustees

2014 Summary


The following is a brief executive summary of accomplishments by the Cullom Village Board for 2014


*  An application was submitted for a Public Infrastructure grant with the Community Development Assistance Program for a new water tower.  A survey of each resident of the Village was conducted by members of the Board this past spring to qualify.  Cullom did not receive the grant however, the Board will consider resubmitting in 2015 for assistance.

*  Village Ordinances were revised and updated.

*  Cullom Village Board of Director’s Website was brought online.

*  Various streets within the village were seal coated.

*  Maple Street in front of the Firehouse to highway was repaired.

*  Various sidewalks within the village were replaced.

*  Street sign replacement program began, with more to be done in 2015.

*  3 year contract with Allied Waste/Republic Service for garbage and recycling program was signed.

*  Two new high service pumps were installed at Water Treatment Plant.

*  New Chlorination System installed at Water Treatment Plant.

*  New Computerized Electrical Panel ordered and currently being installed at Water Treatment Plant.

*  All Village Fire Hydrants assessed and flushed.

*  Cross-connection survey mailed to all residents with over a 70% return.

*  Water valves exercise program initiated throughout the Village.

*  Annual Audit, Appropriations and Tax Levies completed with no tax increase.

*  2015 Strategic Plan created.

And… plowed a lot of snow!

Determined at the December Board meeting there will be NO INCREASE in the garbage/water bills for 2015.  Bills will be sent out the first of the year with first payments due by January 31st.

On a personal note, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the Board… Carl, Todd, Kevin, Jody, Brad, Steve, Don, Nancy, Village employees Tim and Dave, and consultants Brian, Al, Russ and Janna for all their hard work and dedication to make Cullom a great place to live!

You guys rock ~ Barb

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