Cullom Board of Trustees

2016 Year in Review

The following is a brief executive summary of the Cullom Village Board for 2016

* The ADA compliant South-side Business District Sidewalk Replacement Project completed.

* Street Repair/Maintenance Rotation Program continued using MFT (Motor Fuel Tax) funds.

* Begin Alley Maintenance Rotation Program to gravel alleys.

* Street traffic control signs – two year project completed.

* Riprap added to grate/culvert at corner of Elm/Jeffery streets.

* Park Buildings – repaired leaks and holes, cleaned, organized and painted.

* Oversee painting outside Community Building and Business District buildings.

* Identified trees for removal by Ameren; continue tree trimming maintenance.

* Passed Ordinance for the replacement/construction of driveway or culvert construction within the Village limits.

* Established a new bookkeeping account “Tiling Account” with gaming tax revenue.

* Fire hydrants flushed two times and valve exercise maintenance continued.

* Annual sand filter maintenance completed.

* Tim Lovell earns Water Operator’s License, promoted to Public Works Supervisor.

* Water Treatment Plant nominated by Illinois Rural Water Association (NRWA) for Treatment Plant of the Year.

* Completed water drainage improvements on South Elm Street.

* Outstanding Improvement Award given to Bill Reiniche of Legends Automotive for upgrade of building at 165 West Jackson Street

* Passed Mediacom Franchise Ordinance to continue receiving revenue due to new State Law.

* Annual Audit completed

* Prevailing Wage, Appropriations and Tax Levy Ordinances completed with no tax increase.

* No increase in the garbage/water rates for 2017.

* Organized businesses to hold ‘Christmas on Main Street’.

Looking forward to another productive year in 2017 making Cullom a great place to live and work!

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