Cullom Board of Trustees

2017 Objectives

The following is an overview of the goals and objectives for 2017 determined by the Village Board of Trustees.

* North-side Business District Sidewalk Replacement Project

* General Sidewalk Repair and Maintenance

* New Zoning Ordinance Map

* Develop Emergency Management Plan


* Tower Inspection – Cleaning

* Replace Valve at tower location

* Paint outside Iron Filter

* Annual Sand Filter Maintenance

* Continue Hydrant/Valve Exercising Maintenance Programs

* Water Quality Report Notice Mailing

* Renew Allied/Republic Contract

* Plant trees – ongoing tree maintenance

* Establish Street Sign Replacement Program

* Continue Alley Maintenance Program


* Develop plan of correction for drainage issues

* Investigate/Correct existing driveway/culvert issues

* Accounting Procedures Updated

* Prevailing Wage Ordinance – <June>

* Appropriation Ordinance – <July>

* Levy Ordinance <November>

* Audit of Accounts

* Encourage/Oversee/Enforce Main Street Building Repair

* Establish Community Advisory Board

* Christmas on Main Street

* Strict Ordinance Enforcement

* Abandoned/unlicensed vehicles

* Animal Control

* Junk/Trash on property

* Whatever other issues that may arise.


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