Cullom Board of Trustees

Ordinance Violations


One of the hardest duties of the Village Board is writing ordinance violations.  However, it has to be done.  When making plans for 2017 the Board made this as one of the priorities that needed to be continued.

The main issues the Board is dealing with are unlicensed vehicles and unsightly, untidy and overgrown yards.  So, at this time we are asking that you take a look around your own yard.  Is it time to take some action to spruce things up a bit?

Violation notices will soon be going out.  Please understand if you get one, you’re not the only one.  Several notices are being given throughout the community.  However, we do want you to take them seriously.  We will pursue legal action for non-compliance.  We ask that everyone do what is necessary to improve your neighborhood.

If you have an elderly neighbor that might need help, please offer your assistance.  If you need help, let me know. There are students who need service hours that may be able to assist you and I will try and connect you with them.

It’s time to ‘Spring into Action’ to keep our Community looking good!

— Barbara Hahn

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