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Meeting Agenda

Tuesday July 27, 2021 7:00 PM

Cullom Village Hall   119 N. Oak Street Cullom, IL 60929

Open with the Pledge of Allegiance



Maintenance Report

Attorney Report

Clerk Report

Treasurer Report

Old Business

* Phase I Water Metering

* MFT Maple Street Project

* Water Tower Project

            Out to bid August 5, 2021

            Bid Opening September 2021

            Award Date September 28, 2021

            EPA Review Period December 14, 2021

            Construction Start Approximately February 28, 2022

            Final Completion November 26, 2022

* Iron Tank Project      

* Property Liens

* Kennedy Drain Maintenance

* Ordinance Violations

New Business

* Appropriations Ordinance

* American Rescue Plan

* Maintenance Truck

Any Other Business                                                    



Mosquito Control

New Water Tower For Cullom

Since 2019, the Village Board has been working on acquiring a Debt Forgiveness Loan through the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) for a new water tower. The Board has been notified that we have been approved for the loan. At this time we have been issued a Construction Permit and plans are to go to bid later this year, with construction beginning early 2022.

The new 125,000 gallon elevated tank will be located at the North Ash Street village property, next to the well. The current 50,000 tank and tower will be dismantled.

If all goes to plan, by next year at this time we’ll have a colorful addition to the Cullom skyline!

Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the May 25, 2021 meeting approved June 22, 2021 can be found here: