Cullom Board of Trustees


Main Street

North side business sidewalk renovation project will begin April 2018.  The contractor for the work is Eppel Construction.

If you check the ‘About’ page listed at the top, there is more information about the Board of Trustees.

Meeting Agenda

Tuesday September 25, 2018          7:00 PM

Cullom Village Hall   119 N. Oak Street Cullom, IL 60929

Open with the Pledge of Allegiance



Maintenance Report

Attorney Report

Clerk Report

Treasurer Report  * Review CD’s

Old Business

* Drain Maintenance

* 2018 Street Work

* Livingston County Fines Payments

* Community Building Property Agreement

* Ordinance Violations

* Republic Service Recycling

* Audit

New Business

* Fence Construction Ordinance

* Employee Review

Any Other Business


Outstanding Improvement

Outstanding Award

The Cullom Village Board voted to give the ‘Outstanding Improvement Award’ to Barry Corban for improvements made to his building in Cullom.
From time to time the Board recognizes persons or companies who contribute to the improvement of our village.


Meeting Minutes

MinutesLogoThe minutes of the July 24, 2018 Regular Meeting approved August 28, 2018 can be found here: Meeting Minutes 07.24.18

Ordinance Press

Empty. Clean. Dry.

Please watch this short video about Recycling.


Please noteWhenever a group or a person has contacted the Village Office for permission to solicit in town, a message will be posted here and on the Village of Cullom’s Facebook page with their information.

Please use good judgment if someone is coming to your door. Do not give them any personal information or allow them in your house if they are not known to you.