Cullom Board of Trustees


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2018 Trunk or Treat on Main Street!

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Village Trustee Election


Are you interested?

There are four Cullom trustee positions up for election next spring.  The Trustee position is a four year term.  The Consolidated Election is held April 2, 2019.  If you are interested in running for Trustee of the Village Board, you will need to pick up a Petition and Statement of Economic Interests Forms from Nancy Flessner, Village Clerk and Village Election Official.

All completed forms will need to be turned in to Nancy, Monday December 10, 2018 starting at 8:00 AM through 4:30 PM, Monday December 17th. For more information and to make arrangements to pick up forms call Nancy at (815) 689-2380.

Committee Agendas

You will find the Agenda for Committee Meetings here:

Agenda Finance 11.14.18

Agenda Ordinance 11.14.18

Recycling Survey

recycling.1 You may have heard there have been major changes to the Recycling Industry world-wide.  China is no longer accepting the US market’s recycling as they did previously.

Would you please take this short seven question survey and let us know your opinions of recycling in Cullom.

You can find the survey here:

Meeting Minutes

MinutesLogoThe minutes of the September 25, 2018 Regular Meeting approved October 23, 2018 can be found here:Meeting Minutes 09.25.18

Meeting Agenda

Tuesday October 23, 2018          7:00 PM

Cullom Village Hall   119 N. Oak Street Cullom, IL 60929

Open with the Pledge of Allegiance



Maintenance Report

Attorney Report

Clerk Report

Treasurer Report        * Review CD’s

Old Business

* Republic Service Recycling

* Drain Maintenance

* Livingston County Fines Payments

* Community Building Property Agreement

* Ordinance Violations

* Audit

* Fence Construction Ordinance

Executive Session

New Business

* Litigations

Any Other Business

* Trunk or Treat – October 31st 4 – 6 PM

* Levy Ordinance in November

* 2019 Election


Outstanding Improvement

Outstanding Award

The Cullom Village Board voted to give the ‘Outstanding Improvement Award’ to Barry Corban for improvements made to his building in Cullom.
From time to time the Board recognizes persons or companies who contribute to the improvement of our village.