Cullom Board of Trustees



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Meeting Agenda

Tuesday March 28, 2017   7:00 PM  Cullom Village Hall   119 N. Oak Street Cullom, IL 60929


Pledge of Allegiance



Maintenance Report

Attorney Report

Treasurer Report

Clerk Report

Old Business

* W. Cleveland/S. Elm Ditch Maintenance

* Engineering Bid Northside Business Sidewalk Project

* Building Permit Ordinance Addendum

* Class B Liquor License Addendum

* Community Advisory Board (CAB)

New Business

* Allied/Republic Contract Options

* Livingston County Sheriff

* Park Vandalism

* Ordinance Violations

Any Other Business


Cullom Outreach

Brush Pickup

The Village’s Brush and Branch Pickup program is truly a service to Cullom residents.  It encourages each resident and building owner to pride themselves in the health, aesthetics and value of their own home, building, surrounding yard and landscape.  It promotes the community’s desire to beautify our neighborhoods while maintaining safe and healthy surroundings.2017BrushPickup.jpg

EAB.penny The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), a beetle native to Asia, about the size of a grain of rice was first detected in Michigan in 2002 and has started to spread throughout the United States.EMB map

We do have EAB in Cullom.  Within a few years all Ash trees in the village will be dead or dying.  The village has developed a tree management program and all Ash trees on village property are on an established list to be removed and replaced with other species.

All sixteen native Ash species are susceptible to the EAB.  An Ash tree can be recognized by the compound leaves which are arranged opposite of one another on the branches.EAB.ash leaves

Homeowners will have to consider their own options, to protect or replace the trees on their own property.  If you choose to protect them, the sooner you begin treating the tree with insecticides, the better.  You will need to treat the tree over its lifetime. The Morton Arboretum has a website with more information:

Symptoms and Signs

Sometimes damage to the tree may not be apparent for up to three years of infestation.  The most obvious signs of an attack are dead limbs near the upper part of the tree. Woodpecker damage is sometimes apparent as they search for larvae and damage the bark of the trees.EAB.damage

The EAB eggs are laid between layers of bark.  When they hatch the larvae bore into the tree where they feed on the inner bark creating “S”-shaped tunnels called galleries.EAB.tunnels.jpg

Adults begin to emerge through “D”-shaped exit holes and will remain active until the end of summer.EAB.penny.exit.holes.jpg

Homeowners should check their trees for infestations.




Ordinance Violations


One of the hardest duties of the Village Board is writing ordinance violations.  However, it has to be done.  When making plans for 2017 the Board made this as one of the priorities that needed to be continued.

The main issues the Board is dealing with are unlicensed vehicles and unsightly, untidy and overgrown yards.  So, at this time we are asking that you take a look around your own yard.  Is it time to take some action to spruce things up a bit?

Violation notices will soon be going out.  Please understand if you get one, you’re not the only one.  Several notices are being given throughout the community.  However, we do want you to take them seriously.  We will pursue legal action for non-compliance.  We ask that everyone do what is necessary to improve your neighborhood.

If you have an elderly neighbor that might need help, please offer your assistance.  If you need help, let me know. There are students who need service hours that may be able to assist you and I will try and connect you with them.

It’s time to ‘Spring into Action’ to keep our Community looking good!

— Barbara Hahn

Meeting Minutes

MinutesLogoMinutes from the January 24, 2017 Regular Scheduled Board Meeting approved February 28, 2017 can be found here: meeting-minutes-01-24-17

Consolidated Election


The polling location for those living in Sullivan Township is at the Community Building in Cullom.

For information about Early Voting: early-vbm-grace-cons-040417

Interested in being an Election Judge: election-judge-criteria-livingston-county-022117

For information about Voter Registration: voter-registration-pova-and-grace-deadline-info-040417-consolidated-election

These are the candidates for the Village of Cullom.

Mayor: Barbara Hahn

Clerk: Nancy Flessner

Treasurer: Kenzie Meister

Trustees: Richard Mills, Jody Rock, Steve Whitman