Cullom Board of Trustees

Village Ordinances

BE IT ORDAINED BY THE PRESIDENT AND THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE VILLAGE OF CULLOM, ILLINOIS THAT:  The following be and the same is hereby adopted as a code of general ordinance to be known as

The Municipal Code of Cullom of 2014

The following are links to each Chapter.

Chapter1   Village Limits and Government

Chapter2   Misdemeanors & Other Offenses

Chapter3   Curfew

Chapter4   Beer, Malt & Intoxicating Liquor

Chapter 4 Amended

Chapter5   Buildings

Change to Permits to Chapter 5 can be found here:Ordinance 2017-D

Building Permit can be found here:Building Permit 17

2019 Fence Ordinance F-1

Permit to build fence can be found here: Fence Permit

Chapter6   Traffic

Chapter7   Plants and Weeds

Chapter8   Water ~ Cross-Connection Control ~ Municipal/Private Water Company ~ Regulation on Cross-Connection Control

Chapter9   Solicitors and Peddlers

Chapter10  Animals

Chapter11  Abandoned, Wrecked Vehicles Traffic Control Ordinance

Chapter12  Snowmobiles and Other Recreational Vehicles

Chapter13  Nuisances on Private Property

Chapter14  Mobile Homes

Chapter15  Burning Regulations

Chapter16  Miscellaneous Regulations

Chapter17  The Code

License Regulate Raffles Ordinance to License and Regulate Raffles

driveway-culvert-ordinance For the Replacement or Construction of any Driveway or Culvert Construction


2014 Appropriation Ordinance


2015 Appropriation Ordinance

2016 Levy Ordinance

2016 Prevailing Wage Ordinance

2016 Cullom – Mediacom Ordinance

2016 – Appropriation Ordinance


2017 Prevailing Wage Ordinance

2017 Appropriation Ordinance

2017 Levy Ordinance

2017 Prohibiting Sexual Harassment Ordinance

Ordinance 2018 A  Terminating Property Tax Abatement Agreement

2018 Prevailing Wage

2018 Garbage Collection Ordinance

2018 Appropriations Ordinance

2018-E Levy Ordinance

2019 Appropriation Ordinance

2019-G Levy Ordinance

2020 – D Chicken Ordinance     Chicken Permit Application

2020 Loan Program Ordinance

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