Cullom Board of Trustees

Ordinance Violations


One of the hardest duties of the Village Board is writing ordinance violations.  However, it has to be done.  When making plans for 2017 the Board made this as one of the priorities that needed to be continued.

The main issues the Board is dealing with are unlicensed vehicles and unsightly, untidy and overgrown yards.  So, at this time we are asking that you take a look around your own yard.  Is it time to take some action to spruce things up a bit?

Violation notices will soon be going out.  Please understand if you get one, you’re not the only one.  Several notices are being given throughout the community.  However, we do want you to take them seriously.  We will pursue legal action for non-compliance.  We ask that everyone do what is necessary to improve your neighborhood.

If you have an elderly neighbor that might need help, please offer your assistance.  If you need help, let me know. There are students who need service hours that may be able to assist you and I will try and connect you with them.

It’s time to ‘Spring into Action’ to keep our Community looking good!

— Barbara Hahn


Garbage/Water Bills

Announcement2017 Garbage/Water Bills are due January 31st.  A minimum payment of $125 if making payments or $450 if paying for the entire year is due.

Please note: Because of another appointment, I will only be at the Village Office this coming Wednesday, February 1st. from 5:00 PM until 6:00 PM.  I am available at my office (Hahn Ind. South Walnut St) 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM most days.

— Barbara Hahn

2017 Objectives

The following is an overview of the goals and objectives for 2017 determined by the Village Board of Trustees.

* North-side Business District Sidewalk Replacement Project

* General Sidewalk Repair and Maintenance

* New Zoning Ordinance Map

* Develop Emergency Management Plan


* Tower Inspection – Cleaning

* Replace Valve at tower location

* Paint outside Iron Filter

* Annual Sand Filter Maintenance

* Continue Hydrant/Valve Exercising Maintenance Programs

* Water Quality Report Notice Mailing

* Renew Allied/Republic Contract

* Plant trees – ongoing tree maintenance

* Establish Street Sign Replacement Program

* Continue Alley Maintenance Program


* Develop plan of correction for drainage issues

* Investigate/Correct existing driveway/culvert issues

* Accounting Procedures Updated

* Prevailing Wage Ordinance – <June>

* Appropriation Ordinance – <July>

* Levy Ordinance <November>

* Audit of Accounts

* Encourage/Oversee/Enforce Main Street Building Repair

* Establish Community Advisory Board

* Christmas on Main Street

* Strict Ordinance Enforcement

* Abandoned/unlicensed vehicles

* Animal Control

* Junk/Trash on property

* Whatever other issues that may arise.


2016 Year in Review

The following is a brief executive summary of the Cullom Village Board for 2016

* The ADA compliant South-side Business District Sidewalk Replacement Project completed.

* Street Repair/Maintenance Rotation Program continued using MFT (Motor Fuel Tax) funds.

* Begin Alley Maintenance Rotation Program to gravel alleys.

* Street traffic control signs – two year project completed.

* Riprap added to grate/culvert at corner of Elm/Jeffery streets.

* Park Buildings – repaired leaks and holes, cleaned, organized and painted.

* Oversee painting outside Community Building and Business District buildings.

* Identified trees for removal by Ameren; continue tree trimming maintenance.

* Passed Ordinance for the replacement/construction of driveway or culvert construction within the Village limits.

* Established a new bookkeeping account “Tiling Account” with gaming tax revenue.

* Fire hydrants flushed two times and valve exercise maintenance continued.

* Annual sand filter maintenance completed.

* Tim Lovell earns Water Operator’s License, promoted to Public Works Supervisor.

* Water Treatment Plant nominated by Illinois Rural Water Association (NRWA) for Treatment Plant of the Year.

* Completed water drainage improvements on South Elm Street.

* Outstanding Improvement Award given to Bill Reiniche of Legends Automotive for upgrade of building at 165 West Jackson Street

* Passed Mediacom Franchise Ordinance to continue receiving revenue due to new State Law.

* Annual Audit completed

* Prevailing Wage, Appropriations and Tax Levy Ordinances completed with no tax increase.

* No increase in the garbage/water rates for 2017.

* Organized businesses to hold ‘Christmas on Main Street’.

Looking forward to another productive year in 2017 making Cullom a great place to live and work!

Recycling Calendar

A PDF file of the 2017 Recycling Calendar for Cullom is here:2017-cullom-recycling-calendar


Garbage/Water Billing

Announcement2017 Garbage and Water Rates

Cullom residents have three options per service for paying the garbage/water bills.

Option A:  one payment of $450 due January 31st.

Option B: two payments of $250 due January 31st. and July 31st.

Option C: four payments of $125 due January 31st. April 30th. July 31st and October 31st.

(There is a $50 service charge for Option B & C)

Payments can be mailed to:  Village of Cullom  PO Box 166  Cullom, IL 60929 or dropped off at the Village Office on Wednesdays 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Please note:  If payment is not received within five days of due date, water will be turned off and garbage pick up will be suspended.  NO NOTICE GIVEN.  The remainder of the years payment at the highest rate and a $125 re-connection fee will be charged before water reconnected and garbage service resumed.

Fun Fact:  Paying $450/year for garbage and water = $1.23/day; paying $500/year = $1.37/day.  Something to think about the next time you buy a bottle of water!