Cullom Board of Trustees

‘New’ Water Rates

The new rates will begin October 2022, the bill will be sent out the first of November.

The bill you will receive in October will still be a flat rate charge.

Comments on: "‘New’ Water Rates" (3)

  1. carol melton said:

    we have a question about our water bill being so high..we were gone 2 weeks out of October and our garden is gone..something isn’t adding up..we need our meter checked or something this makes no sense..


    • Carol, contact me and we can discuss. Thanks, Barbara


    • Kevin Weller said:

      I agree to high a bill my parents bill went up 30 dollars and mine 40 dollars. I have relatives in Pontiac and Dwight and there bill was at least 5 dollars cheaper than mine. The thing is ours is 1/3 to high as Pontiac and Dwight there bill includes sewer with the water and garbage.


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